Cultural Sensitivity

Today we are going to have a lesson in cultural sensitivity. I realize that in this day and age you would assume that it would no longer be an issue. You would be wrong.

As one of two “white” people in attendance I helped shoot a debutant pageant over the weekend with a “mixed race” company. Now normally I am not a person that even acknowledges this type of difference, but this weekend apparently it was an issue.

Somehow I inadvertently upset one of the contestants with something I said. She took something I said as a racial slur and naturally was offended. The problem comes in I am unaware of what I said, and no one else can figure out why she was offended. I feel bad that she was upset, and have no recourse in the matter.

To make a long story short, be careful what you say. No matter how innocuous you believe your words to be, you might hurt someone’s feelings.

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