Science of Rock & Roll

Union Station in Kansas City is currently hosting the exhibit the Science of Rock & Roll.

As you enter the exhibit space you walk around cases filled with examples of what we now consider the classic clothes and gadgets from the 1950’s through 1990’s. Everything from leisure suits and turntables to Jellies and CD players.

After getting your full of fashions you turn the corner and come face to face with 7 foot tall concert posters that span the decades along with a smattering of classic concert t-shirts.

Then you receive your backstage pass and are ushered into the main exhibit.

The amount of information gracing the walls is a bit overwhelming in each of the decade spanning displays which include their own music of the period and examples of the technology of the time.

Then you move into an area that explains music. Major and minor chords, and rhythm are all demonstrated visually and with an interactive display.

The rest of the experience is very interactive even down to being able to record yourself singing, playing guitar, drums, keyboard or bass and getting a link to the video sent to you.

The Science of Rock & Roll exhibit is one that I recommend for children of all ages. Sounds corny, but it is true. I think that anyone with a love for music would truly enjoy the event.





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