On Another Note

As Kansas City awakened this morning we found ourselves under a severe fog advisory. Being the eternal optimist I decided that it would be a good thing to go find out if there were any intriguing photos to be found as this is not a frequent occurrence in this area. So this being said I found myself thinking that the river would be the best place for finding these images.

After taking my initial photos of the river shrouded in fog I decided to wander into the woods to get some pictures of the trees. As I was walking in I noticed a gentleman in camouflage carrying a crossbow silently shadowing my path. After making myself known he was kind enough to inform me that there were possibly more hunters in the woods. I wisely decided that this was probably not the best place for me to be.

Needless to say, I cut my travels short. Soooo, the message is clear. be careful! you never really know what is going on around you. You as a photographer need to ensure your own safety. Take the camera away from your eye and look around. What you see might surprise you.

On a positive note I did find some beautiful pictures.





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